Enel X and SICIT Group together to promote energy sustainability

SICIT Group accelerates on the energy sustainability front. Thanks to the partnership with Enel X, the company will install a 192 kWp (peak kilowatt) photovoltaic system capable of producing approximately 226,000 kWh of electricity each year, which will be used entirely to power the Arzignano (VI) plant, guaranteeing savings of over 83 tons of CO2 each year.

At the same time SICIT has decided to submit its production cycle to the analysis of the Enel X Circular Economy Report, a tool able to identify the circular maturity level of the company and provide a road-map with possible solutions to improve it. SICIT thus aims to intervene in its production cycles in order to further reduce its environmental footprint and ensure a sustainable future for the company, the supply chain and the territory.

The commitment to the environment and energy sustainability is part of the important ‘2022 investment plan’ approved by SICIT and is shown by various energy efficiency measures that, at the beginning of 2019, involved both the Arzignano plant (cogeneration plant) and the Chiampo plant, where the post-combustion plant for environmental improvement is fully operational and guarantees a 98% reduction in pollutants emitted into the atmosphere.

Thanks to the measures taken in the past and the green photovoltaic plant – which will also be used to power the company’s electric cars – SICIT’s Arzignano plant will reach the highest level of energy efficiency.