A sustainable input for modern agricultural challenges
Biostimulants, as defined by the new European Regulation in the field of fertilizers (1009/2019), are substances able to stimulate plant metabolic processes and improve one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Nutrients use efficiency
  • Tolerance to abiotic stresses
  • Crop quality traits
  • Nutrients availability in the soil or in the rhizosphere

The integration of biostimulants with other technologies (genetics, crop protection, nutrition, etc. ) fosters a sustainable approach to agriculture. For this reason, biostimulants efficiently meet the needs of modern agricultural systems and gather increasing interest from the farmers and technicians.

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SICIT biostimulants are formulations based on animal origin hydrolyzed proteins. The hydrolysis of the collagen results in products characterized by a high concentration of amino acids essential for plant metabolism, as glycine and proline.

Our production process, carried out with the latest technologies, grants high quality standard and final products characterized by:

  • High concentration of short chain amino acids and peptides (molecular weight < 10.000 Da)
  • Constant composition
  • Optimal balance between free amino acids and peptides
  • Absence of contaminants
  • Microbial contamination controlled by the sterilization process
  • Stability of the formulation and optimized shelf-life

Our formulations are distributed in the market in partnership with national and international agrochemical companies, with whom we develop the most suitable solutions for the end markets.

Our strategy is one product for one company. We can develop tailor made formulations, in terms of free and total amino acids content, peptides of low molecular weight content, organic nitrogen, addition of micro-nutrient.

Our ability to develop tailor-made solutions makes us the perfect partner to diversify our clients’ offering in the end users market.

Our biostimulants can be used in organic agriculture according to European regulations 834/2007 and 354/2014; they are certified by BIOAGRICERT – IFOAM for such use.



Highly stable formulations, characterized by high concentration, clearness and complete water solubility. Coinceived and developped for foliar application or fertigation, they exert a biostimulant effect in all crops and are suitable to be used in mixture with all the fertilizers and the majority of the most common plant protection products.

Completely water- soluble products, reaching a very high concentration of amino acids and petides (up to 94 %). Specifically developed to be used in fertigation.

Products in solid form, obtained trough a fluid-bed granulation process and characterized by water solubility and ease of use. The size of individuals granules which, upon request, can range between 0.5 and 2.5 mm, and their physico-chemical characteristics, grant great flexibility to these formulations: they can be used as such in soil applications on furrow or as a raw material for the production of complex fertilizers; they are also suitable to be dissolved in water for foliar applications or fertigation. We can coat the granules with natural and compeltely biodegradable materials which can modulate their solubiliy.

Innovative formulations, the result of the work of our R&D team and the collaboration with university research centers. Pills, having a size between 3 and 20 mm, are available in different shapes (spherical or elongated pills or discs) and are produced through a manufacturing process utilizing technologies of mixing and compression mainly used in the pharmaceutical industries. These products can have a complex composition, based on hydrolyzed proteins added with microelements, beneficial elements as silicon, or other substances exerting a biostimulant action (for example, seaweeds, humic and fulvic acids, etc.).

Our coating technology, carried out with natural and completely biodegradable materials, allows to modulate the relase of the biostimulant in the soil. For both the formulations it is possible to define a release interval, in order to synchronyze the maximum availability with the periods of higher demand by the plant.

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