The operation

On 20 May 2019 the Business Combination of SICIT 2000 S.p.A. with SprintItaly S.p.A – an Italian SPAC founded by Fineurop S.p.A., Gerardo Braggiotti, Matteo Carlotti and Francesco Pintucci – has been concluded. On the same day, the merger by incorporation of the first into the second became effective and, at the same time, negotiations at AIM Italia began for the shares of the new company, SICIT Group S.p.A.. On 15 June 2020 the translisting to MTA – STAR segment succeded.

The 100-million-euro operation is aimed at accelerating the strategic development plan of SICIT Group in Italy and abroad, expanding the existing plants in Arzignano and Chiampo (Vicenza), the R&D laboratories and building a new production plant abroad. The listing on the Italian Stock Exchange allows to increase the visibility on the world markets and to complete the medium-long term industrial plan in high-growth perspectives sectors.

Main stages

Effectiveness of the merger by incorporation and simultaneous listing of SICIT Group on AIM Italia.

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Signing of the deed of merger by incorporation of Sicit 2000 into SprintItaly. The resulting company will be named SICIT Group.

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SprintItaly’s Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting unanimously approves the business combination with Sicit 2000, with the favourable vote of more than 62% of the ordinary share capital.

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The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of SICIT 2000 approves the merger plan.

SprintItaly’s Board of Directors announces the approval of the Business Combination with SICIT 2000, already approved by the latter’s Board of Directors.

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