What they are
Retardants are a necessary additive in the gypsum industry which, by delaying its setting, allows it to be processed. They are used both for the plasterboard production and in the construction industry.
The plaster industry is growing rapidly and is moving all over the world towards light, flexible and eco-sustainable construction, especially as regards the internal structures of buildings.

PlastRetard: retardant and additive for plaster
PlastRetard® is a multifunctional additive used in the production of plaster and plasterboard, produced for over 25 years by SICIT both in liquid (PlastRetard® PE) and in powder form (PlastRetard® L).

Why use PlastRetard
PlastRetard® is used in all types of gypsum and for all types of applications: handmade plaster, machine plaster, grout, dental plaster, gypsum blocks.

PlastRetard® is also widely used in the plasterboard industry due to its technical properties:

  • High activity at low dosages
  • Obtaining a cleaner mixture
  • Increasing the fluidity of the plaster

PlastRetard® is a natural and biodegradable product that guarantees workers and final customers a safe and high quality result.
PlastRetard® is currently the most widely used multifunctional additive in the plaster industry worldwide, both by national and multinational groups.

Plaster applications
There are two main applications for plasters:

  • Prefabricated products: e.g. gypsum walls or gypsum blocks
  • Formulations for products to be applied on site

In solid formulations only powder additives are used, while in the production of prefabricated products, liquid additives are advantageous.
PlastRetard® L is a very effective retarder in the production of gypsum, excellent in the production of gypsum walls. The Plast Retard® PE variant is recommended for the production of powder formulations.

Why choose PlastRetard® PE

  • Extends initial setting time
  • High activity at low dosages
  • Standardised, biodegradable and long-term product (storage over 3 years)
  • Compatible with other additives
  • Does not compromise the resistance of the final product
  • Does not cause the formation of mold

How PlastRetard® PE works
PlastRetard® PE acts as a retarder in the water/gypsum mixture, slowing down the development of crystal formation. Its activity is characterized by the correlation between setting time and dosage and is able to provide excellent performance even at very low dosages.

Combinations and synergies
Generally, PlastRetard® PE is used as the only retardant within the gypsum-based formulation, but it can also be used in combination with Citric Acid and Tartaric Acid to obtain a delay in setting and consistency/time diagrams suitable for every need. In many cases the combination of several retardants allows to model the setting curve and to optimize the costs of the formulation. The combination of two retardants leads to an increase in both activities due to the synergistic effect between the two products.

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Why choose PlastRetard® L

  • Extends the setting start time without slowing down the setting speed
  • Excellent activity/price ratio
  • Ease of use and dosing
  • Regularity and reliability
  • Highly standardized, biodegradable and long-term product (3 years)
  • Compatible with all other additives
  • Does not affect the resistance of the finished product
  • Does not cause damage to health and formation of mold

How PlastRetard® L works
PlastRetard® L is an additive that allows to control the setting time of the plaster and the water/gypsum ratio.
PlastRetard® L is active in a pH range of 5 to 12 and reaches its peak efficiency at pH values from 7 to 10. The pH range in which gypsum walls and other pre-fabricated products are produced is exactly among the highest activity values of PlastRetard® L.

Combinations and synergies
PlastRetard® L can be used with any type of plaster, whether natural or synthetic, of high or low quality, and in any water/gypsum ratio.
In general, PlastRetard® L is used as the only retarder in the various gypsum-based formulations, but is fully compatible with all retarder products on the market. Moreover, it is compatible with most of the additives generally used in gypsum-based formulations: the only known incompatibility is its mixture with aluminium salts, an additive that is not commonly used in the production of gypsum walls.

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