SICIT Group is doing its part to help the Italian health system and territories to deal with the Coronavirus emergency. Yesterday, the Board of Directors of the Company approved two donations: the first in favour of a hospital in Vicenza, which will be identified among the ongoing projects, for the strengthening of intensive care units; the second in favour of the new Fiera Milano Hospital.

The amount approved by the Board of Directors is equal to Euro 500,000 and will be allocated in the same proportion to the two health facilities. In addition, the Company’s Directors decided to waive their basic compensation (Euro 220,000), which will be donated in the same proportion to the hospitals in Vicenza and Milan.

Valter Peretti, Chairman of SICIT Group, said: “at such a difficult time for the entire country, it is important that Italian industrial system plays its part. This is why we have decided to make our small but significant contribution: a concrete gesture to help all those people who every day, within the hospitals of two of the most affected areas of Italy, face the Coronavirus emergency“.

Massimo Neresini, CEO of SICIT Group, added: “we have always been very attentive and close to the needs of the areas in which we operate. Today, more than ever, it was essential to act, reaffirming our social commitment, since those territories are facing an unprecedented challenge with great dignity: together we will succeed in defeating it“.

With reference to the Decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (so-called “DPCM” by the Italian Prime Minister) of March 22nd, 2020, containing new measures to stem the Covid-19 epidemic, including the closure, throughout Italy, “of all non-essential businesses”, SICIT GROUP informs that its activities are included in the list among those considered essential, and will therefore continue as usual.

The Company’s activity falls under the ATECO – code 20 (i.e. manufacture of chemical products) which has been included by the Decree in the list of businesses considered essential. The same applies to the activity of the subsidiary Sicit Chemitech (ATECO – code 72: scientific research and development).

It is also pointed out that the Group’s business – besides serving, in large part, the agri-food chain and energy production (activities that the decree included among the essential ones) – is essential for the first stage of the tanning industry processing, treating waste and by-product to obtain stable (and recyclable) materials. In this sense, SICIT Group believes it is obliged to process the tanning’s waste, also from a health point of view.

On the basis of the indications provided by the World Health Organization and by the Italian Government, SICIT Group has implemented specific policies to protect the health of its employees, clients and partners, while ensuring the business continuity. In particular, as the situation evolves, SICIT has asked employees involved in non-essential production functions to work from home, organizing dedicated smart working procedures. In the same way, the Company is adopting all the required solutions to ensure the health of its employees in its Italian production sites. SICIT has highly automated production plants that allow a limited use of staff directly involved in the production process.

SICIT Group and Syngenta strengthened their collaboration to promote an even more sustainable agriculture. The agreement provides for, on the one hand, a 15-year exclusive supply contract for ISABION and HICURE biostimulants and, on the other, for the further development of collagen-based biostimulants.

As natural and eco-compatible products that make it possible to optimise the use of crop protection products and chemical fertilisers, the use of biostimulants in the agricultural sector is growing rapidly. The benefits of their use are many and range from increased tolerance to abiotic stresses to improved nutrient assimilation, thus leading to an increase in yield and crop quality, while favouring a more efficient use of water.

With a global presence of over 20 years, ISABION is one of the leading products in the biostimulants market and helps plants mitigate the impact of abiotic stresses like cold, heat and transplant shock. ISABION delivers consistent results as well as a high return on investment for vegetable, fruit and specialty crop growers in different geographies and growing conditions. ISABION also helps growers to minimize the impact of climate change, fulfilling increased demands of high quality yields.

Alessandro Paterniani, Chief Commercial Officer of SICIT Group, commented: “We are proud to strengthen our long term collaboration with a market leader. Thanks to this agreement, Sicit will improve farmers’ access to its innovative solutions for sustainable farming“.

Corey Huck, Head Global Biologicals of Syngenta, said: “With this agreement, Syngenta secures access to the industry leading capabilities in the area of collagen based biostimulants, to further build our strong biological portfolio”.